How To Train For A Marathon

If you are considering running your first marathon, then it’s important to know how to train for a marathon. By knowing and using the proper training techniques, you can prepare your body and your mind for the challenge and avoid getting any injuries that will slow down your progress or keep you out of the marathon.

The first important thing to do before you start training is to get your head into it. Develop a great belief in yourself and your ability to do well in the marathon. If you believe it, then you can do it, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you probably won’t do as well. The belief that you can do it will help you gain the confidence you need to attempt such a challenge, in spite of what people may say or thoughts that may try to sabotage you. Then, once your belief is in place, get motivated and …stay motivated! Finding a good support system for yourself will help you stay motivated and keep you going when things get tough.

Learn How To Train For A Marathon

You need to warm up every time you run and stretch your muscles within 15 minutes after you run. You should familiarize yourself with exercises to stretch your calves, hamstrings, groin, quadriceps, inner and outer thighs and your lower back. By using proper stretching techniques you can prevent many injuries when you learn how to train for a marathon. You should also make sure you wear good running shoes, maintain good running form, and give yourself adequate recovery time after your workouts.

Maintain a good running form, heels touching the ground with each step, arms relaxed and at a 90-degree angle, good posture with chest pointing slightly forward. Then maintain a good training schedule with days spent working hard and days off when needed. It is a good idea to vary your route or track when in training. Cross training is also recommended such as rollerblading, cycling, using an elliptical machine or running in water are great, with weight training recommended as well, but not absolutely necessary when you learn how to train for a marathon.

The last thing that you need to pay close attention to is your nutrition and hydration when learning how to train for a marathon. You will need to eat proper nutrition and do some carb loading to prepare for running a marathon. It is vitally important to keep your body hydrated when you are running and training. You need to drink water in the two hours before you run and the two hours after you run, as well as during your running time. Try to drink only the water or sports drinks for hydration because coffee and alcohol do not stay in your system as long and provide the necessary hydration when you learn how to train for a marathon.